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Is thought to be a version of either daifugō or daihinmin which originated in Japan. There are many versions and names for this card shedding game for 3 to 6 players. Other names include Scum, Hoop, Kings, Janitor, Rich Man Poor Man, Capitalism, Warlords and Scumbags (Austrlia), Man of the House, Landlord, Trouduc or Trou du Cul (France), Sluitspieren or Klootzakken (Netherlands), Einer ist immer der Arsch (Germany), etc. Variations of President are played almost everywhere in the world. Although, this type of game is relatively new in Canada and the Americas and is believed to have appeared in the last half of the 20th century.


President is a card shedding game. The object of the game is to score the highest points. The object of the each hand is to be the first player to discard their last card.


At the beginning of the game the dealer is randomly selected. The player to the left of the dealer plays first and play continues clockwise around the table. (play can also be counter clickwise)

President uses 1 standard decks of 52 cards. This is a game for 3 to 6 players and all of the cards are dealt to each player. (Jokers can also be used)

Game Play:

There are many variations to the game President and specific rules for each option are defined below in the options section below. The basic game rules are as follows:

The player on the dealer's left begins by leading any number of cards of the same rank (1–4; 5 or more are possible with wildcards, jokers or multiple decks (no muli deck option)). The next player must then play an equal number of matching cards with a higher value, or pass. For example, if the first player plays 3 6s then only 3 of a kind of a higher value can be played, and each subsequent player must play 3 of a kind of a higher value or pass. Play continues until a player plays cards and every other player passes. The cards on the table are set aside and the last player to play starts the next round. Play continues as above until one player plays his last card. Play continues until only one player has cards left.

This first player out of cards is the President and receives 2 points (the score is option based), play continues until all players run out of cards, to determine rank.

The rankings are as follows with 6 players:


The first player to discard their last card receives 2 points. (the score is option based)

The second player to discard their last card receives 1 point. (the score is option based)

All other players get 0 points. (the score is option based)


To win the player must reach the defined winning score first or the player that has the highest score after the defined number of hands end, depending on the ending options. (multi scoring options do not count at the same time)

Modified on 10/26/16 from Wikipedia


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