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Also known as Draughts (Drafts). It is believed that a version of checkers has been played for many thousands of years. A game similar to checkers was found in an archaeological site at Ur in Iraq and has been carbon dated to 3000 B.C. The modern versions of Draughts are thought to have developed from the ancient Egyptian game Alquerque which means to draw or to move. The TrapApps version is a basic simple version of the game.

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The object of the game is to capture all of the opponents pieces while keeping as many of your own pieces as possible.

To Setup the Board:

Each player has 12 pieces, of a specific color, which are lined up 4 each in the first three rows, on alternating squares, on each side of the board, directly in front of each player. Currently, the board is 8x8 squares of 2 alternating colors (commonly known as the checkerboard design). All pieces for both teams are set up on the same color of squares and the pieces can only move forward diagonally, until they are kings then they may be moved backwards and forwards, but still only diagonally.

Game Play:

  1. The player to play first is randomly selected and turns are indicated by the arrow. Play alternates between the players throughout the game. The number of pieces each player has on the board is displayed underneath their name in each player’s information field.
  2. To move a piece the player clicks the desired piece, which lights up, and then clicks the square they wish to move it to, which also highlights up. The squares remain momentarily highlighted, so the players can see where the piece was moved from and to. Players can only move their own pieces.
  3. Again pieces can only be moved diagonally and if the square does not highlight it is likely not a legal move, for example pieces can only be moved to a vacant square.
  4. A player that is diagonally next to an opponent’s piece that has an empty square behind it may jump over that piece landing on the empty square. The opponent’s piece is then removed from the board which can be seen as subtracted from the number of pieces displayed in the player information area.
  5. Kings can move and jump in either direction diagonally.


Scoring includes wins, loses, and draws.


To win a player can either capture all of their opponents pieces or block them so they cannot move.

Power Pieces:

Kings - once a piece has successfully traveled from its home position across the board to the opponents back line it becomes a king and can move in either direction.

Modified on 12/03/16 from Wikipedia

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