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Tuppi is a simple trick-taking card game with no trump. It is based on the similar game of Minnesota Whist. The main difference between this game and Minnesota Whist is that only one team can have points at a time. Tuppi is a game played in Finland.

Similar games that share the same rating and rooms: Minnesota Whist, and Norwegian Whist.

For additional information about Tuppi visit Pagat.com.

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Objective and Requirements:

Tuppi is a trick-taking card game where the objective of the game is to take more or less (based on the bid) tricks then your opponent. Tuppi is played by 4 players in 2 teams of 2. A standard deck of 52 cards is used going from high to low: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. With a Sooli bid, the ace is the lowest card.


The dealer is randomly selected at the beginning of the game. All cards are dealt out to the 4 players each holding 13 cards.


After the deal, all players bid their hand. If a player thinks, their team is going to get less tricks then the other team they bid "Nolo"(Pass). If a player thinks, their team is going to get more tricks than the other team they bid "Rami"(Grand). If all players pass then the bid is "Nolo" and the team that takes fewer tricks wins the hand. If a player bids "Rami" and they earn more tricks then the other team, they win, if they take fewer tricks they lose.

If any player bids "Rami", the other team gets the option of bidding "Sooli". "Sooli" is played alone by the player who bid "Sooli" and it is a bid to take no tricks in the hand. The player who bids "Sooli" gets one card passed to them from their partner and the "Sooli" passes one card back.


If the bid is "Nolo", the player to the dealers left leads the first trick. If a player bid "Rami" the player to the right of the bidder leads first. In "Sooli" the "Sooli" always playes last into each trick.

There is a no trump; the player who plays the highest card of the suit led wins the trick. You must follow suit.


When playing "Nolo" the team who earned less tricks earns 4-points for each trick under 7 tricks. With "Rami" if the team who granded earns more tricks then the other team, they earn 4-points for each trick over 6, if the team who did not grand earns more tricks then the other team they earn 8-points for each trick over 6 tricks. In "Sooli" if the player who bid Sooli earns no tricks their team earns 24 points, if they earn one or more tricks the other team earns 24 points.

In Tuppi only one team can have points at a time. If one team should earn any points when the other team has points the score is rest to 0.


The first team to reach 52-points wins.

Modified on 4/30/2017 from Wikipedia

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